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Saving time and money with two-hands technique

Updated: Jun 2

Most electrologists use a probe holder and tweezer for their work, but did you know that the way they use these tools can make a significant difference in the speed of the procedure?

Let me break it down for you:

🔸 Technique 1: One-Handed Stretch and Pull

Some electrologists hold the probe holder in one hand while using the other hand to stretch the skin. Then, they put the holder down and pick up the tweezers to pull out the hair. It’s effective, but it involves time-consuming tool switching.

🔸 Technique 2: Hand-Switching Speed

Others opt to hold both the probe holder and tweezers in the same hand, swiftly switching between the tools. This allows for faster hair removal but still involves some time spent on tool transitions. switching.

🔸 Technique 3: The Lightning-Fast Double-Handed Method

Now, here’s where the magic happens! The fastest electrologists work with both hands, holding a probe holder in one and tweezers in another. By doing so, they can immediately pull out the hair right after treating it with an electric current. No wasted time on tool switching!

Let’s break down the time and money you can save with this technique. Say it takes approximately 0.5 seconds to switch tools, and on average, you can treat 1,000 hairs during a one-hour session. By using the double-handed method, you save a whopping 8 minutes or 13% of your time and money!

Remember, while saving a fraction of a second with each hair may not seem significant, it adds up to minutes of precious time and valuable savings throughout your sessions.

To book your permanent hair removal session

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