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What is electrolysis?

There is still some confusion out there. When I tell people that I am an electrologist and I remove hair, I often hear back: “Ah, laser?”

No! In fact, electrolysis does not employ a laser, at all.

Electrolysis instead uses an electric impulse to kill the hair follicle permanently. This is why electrolysis is the one and only permanent hair removal method, approved by the USFDA as the only permanent method.

“Ok, ok, easy! So, how is electrolysis different from the laser hair removal methods I see advertised?”

Now we’re talking!

During the electrolysis procedure, I insert a very fine probe into the hair follicle to the bottom of it. Once I reach the bottom, I deliver an electric impulse lasting less than 1 second to the probe by tapping on a foot pedal. At this moment, you feel heat at the insertion site. This heat kills the root of the hair, together with the stem cells responsible for the hair regrowth. The impulse also cuts off the blood supply to the area. After that, I use my tweezers to grab the hair growing from the dead follicle and pull them out with zero effort. If I feel any resistance, I zap the hair with the electricity one more time. Usually that’s enough to kill a hair.

I don’t support the opinion that a hair needs to be treated twice or more times to stop it from regrowing. In my experience and according to my training, I think one quality treatment is enough. I am talking about average hair. Compound hairs, crooked follicles, “post-laser” hairs, and some medical conditions require special attention in every case.

To book your permanent hair removal session

If you want to get your electrolysis session in Vancouver, WA, book your appointment here, and get ready to become a new you!

If you have any questions, please contact me using this form.

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