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I don't see the progress with electrolysis!

Updated: Jun 2

Sometimes, after 3 or 4 electrolysis procedures, you might feel like you don't see much progress and you might feel discouraged and disappointed. Do you remember the effect after the first clearance when the difference in hair density was so impressive, and all the next procedures don't give you this "wow" effect anymore?

Let me assure you, that every electrolysis procedure is as effective as your 1st one, but that's what going on here...

I, actually, love to show the pictures before and after the 1st treatment. Usually, after the 1st clearance, we get rid of the largest percentage of hairs compared to any subsequent clearance. And the longer the period when the hair wasn't subjected to any other types of removal before the start of the electrolysis procedure, the more noticeable the difference.

In this collage, my client didn't touch his armpit hair for a few months before starting the electrolysis. And a month later he grew less than 10% of his initial hair volume.

Same here, in these pictures. 6 weeks difference between the 1st procedure and the 2nd.

The visual difference is impressive, though. In this case, the regrowth rate was around 30-40%. I hate saying and I never say that the hairs "grew back" because these new hairs that grow after the electrolysis are not the same. Instead, those are the new hairs that were dormant during the 1st procedure. Or if it wasn't a second procedure, then those were the hairs that were dormant during all the previous procedures. So, we call these new hairs a "false regrow".

As you might know already our hairs grow in cycles. So, let's say at every given moment, depending on the body part, your genetics, your age, your gender, your previous methods of hair removal, and your hormonal status, you might have about 5-50% visible hairs out of the total percentage of follicles. This number might fluctuate during the electrolysis journey, but this topic is worth a special talk. So, normally it takes a few months to grow the total possible volume of hairs after any method of hair removal. In this case, if these clients grow their hair another 2-3 months the number of leftover hairs after the 1st electrolysis clearance would be 50-95%. But normally, I recommend zapping body hairs every 6-8 weeks, or 4-6 weeks for facial hair, because it allows me to catch the most hairs in their early growth phase (anagen), which makes treatment more efficient and more comfortable.

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