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How Many Electrolysis Sessions Do I Need?

Updated: Jun 2

The short answer is that it’s impossible to predict the exact number of electrolysis sessions you will need. Many factors affect this number, and they are unique to each person:

- The “history” of your hair; laser hair removal in the past can significantly increase the number of sessions because new hairs will regrow for years after laser treatment. The new hairs must be removed as they appear.

- The method of hair removal you use between the electrolysis sessions; we recommend using only shaving or depilatory cream. All other methods, such as tweezing, waxing, sugaring, and especially laser hair removal will impede the progress of electrolysis and delay your desired result.

- How often and how long you visit your electrologist for hair removal; some people can easily stand long sessions, but for others, a 30-minute session is the most they want to sit through. Thus, for the same area, one person might need 1-2 sessions for full clearance, whereas another might need 3-5.

- Area of treatment; hairs in different body areas have different growth cycles. Bikini hair takes longer to clear than facial hair because the growth cycle is longer.

- Individual aspects like the amount of hair per square inch, the shape of the follicle, and the thickness of the hair. Some people just have more, thicker, and more curly hair. For these people, since electrolysis involves treating each hair, the process will take more time.

The foregoing factors affect the Total Treatment Time (TTT).

The TTT will be spread over 12-18 months, with sessions being relatively longer in the beginning and very short towards the end.

At your first appointment, we can make a patch test to give you an approximation of the TTT.

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