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How Is Electrolysis Permanent?

Updated: Jun 2

Electrolysis is proven effective. Electrolysis is the ONLY method of permanent hair removal, and the result is guaranteed. But, how we can be so confident?

FDA approved. Electrolysis is the only hair removal method considered permanent by FDA.

So, how is the process done? You probably have heard that to kill hair, the electrologist inserts a needle in the skin, burns the hair follicle with electricity, and pulls out the hair. Ouch! That sounds painful!!

In reality, the procedure is a little bit different; it's not that scary, and it's not THAT painful.

Your hair grows in a tube-like pocket, called a hair follicle(1), and electrolysis consists of 3 steps: First, we use a probe with a round tip (not a sharp needle), which lets us insert it in the hair follicle without penetrating the tissue(2). Most people don't even feel the insertion. After the probe is inserted in the hair follicle, we send a small amount of electricity through the probe, and it destroys the hair root. The electrical shock lasts only for 0.01-2 seconds, and it only acts deep in the hair follicle - it doesn't affect the upper layer of the skin, the epidermis(3). Our clients typically say, "I expected much worse!"

After the target area is destroyed, the hair releases, and it can be easily pulled out with a pair of tweezers(4). If the hair slides out smoothly, it means that the electrolysis was successful, and this particular hair will never grow back.

We never have all our hair in its active phase when you can see it, though. As many as half of them are in a dormant phase, simply sleeping invisibly in the skin, waiting for their time to wake up and start growing. That's why it is impossible to remove all hair in one session, and you have to come back to remove hairs as they become active until all of them are gone.

Book your first session today

If you want to get your first electrolysis session in Vancouver, WA, book your appointment here, and get ready to become a new you!

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us using this form.

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